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Line6 POD XT Live

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The Line 6 POD xt live menempatkan kekuatan POD xt di kaki Anda untuk penggunaan tahap pro! POD xt Live siap untuk berdiri untuk tahun penyalahgunaan dengan konstruksi baja kasar nya, 11 channel pilih dan efek on / off footswitches dan built-in wah / volume / men-tweak pedal. Termasuk 84 stompbox pro kualitas dan studio efek, 36 Model Amp, ditambah 24 Cab dan 4 Model Mic, semua dibangun dari teknologi pemenang penghargaan ditemukan di Vetta II amp dan storable untuk 128 saluran diprogram.

Berbeda dengan anggota lain dari keluarga Line 6 POD, POD xt Live juga dilengkapi dengan input digital Variax sehingga Anda dapat menelepon gitar sepenuhnya disesuaikan, amp dan setup efek - semua dengan menginjak footswitch tunggal! USB digital I / O dikombinasikan dengan Line 6 software Sunting memungkinkan komputer editing nada berbasis dan merekam digital langsung.

The Line 6 POD xt Live puts the power of POD xt at your feet for pro stage use! POD xt Live is ready to stand up to years of abuse with its rugged steel construction, 11 channel select and effect on/off footswitches and built-in wah/volume/tweak pedal. Included are 84 pro quality stompbox and studio effects, 36 Amp Models, plus 24 Cab and 4 Mic Models, all built from the award-winning technology found in the Vetta II amp and storable to 128 programmable channels.

Unlike the other members of the Line 6 POD family, POD xt Live also features a Variax digital input so you can call up a fully customized guitar, amp and effects setup – all by stepping on a single footswitch! USB digital I/O combined with Line 6 Edit software allow computer based tone editing and direct digital recording.

Click on the picture to the left to see the GuitarPort Software, offering computer-based tone editing and direct digital recording.

Click on the picture to the left to see the Line 6 Edit software- downloadable form the Line 6 website.

Click on the picture to the left to see the GuitarPort Software, offering computer-based tone editing and direct digital recording.
Line 6 POD xt Live Features
  • Over 80 Stompbox and Studio Effects
  • 36 Legendary and Classic Amp Models
  • 24 Cab & 4 Mic models
  • 128 Channel Memories
  • Stereo 1/4-inch analog Amp/Line Outs
  • Variax Digital Input
  • Routing Options
  • Deep Editing
  • Built-in Chromatic Tuner
  • Large Backlit Display
  • Dedicated Stompbox On/Off Switches
  • Combination Wah/Volume/Tweak Pedal
  • Tap Tempo/Tuner Switch
  • Expression Pedal Input
  • Headphone Out
  • Aux Input for CD/MP3 players, drum machines, etc.
  • Full MIDI Support
  • USB Digital Recording I/O - Plus, Mac/PC editing with free Line 6 Edit or GuitarPort software
POD xt Live is an uncomplicated, gig-ready tone machine that’s portable and adaptable to different real world stage and recording environments. POD xt Live can be used as the ultimate multi-effects pedal in front of any guitar amp, as a complete direct PA solution, or as the world-standard guitar recording workhorse in the studio. 

At the center of POD xt Live is an incredible gathering of over 80 must-have stompbox and studio effects models. This handpicked collection of hits from our award-winning PODxt, stompbox modelers and Vetta II will give you rich and deliciously detailed tones at the touch of a footswitch. Effects can be positioned in front (stompbox-style) and behind (studio-post) the Amp and Cab models, giving you organic and dynamic tones normally available in only the most high-end guitar stage rigs. 

Based on the most prized amplifiers in the history of guitar, POD xt Live features 36 classic and modern amp models and 24 cab models, all run through 4 incredibly precise and dynamic microphone model options to provide a complete tonal palette for any type of live gig or studio session. This amazing collection of Line 6 Amp Models has been used on countless hit recordings and tours and is now on the floor at your disposal. 

POD xt Live has 128 presets ready for instant recall via large, stage-ready channel footswitches. They come pre-programmed with a set of sounds to run in front of an amp, and another set for direct recording. Plus there's the vast online tone library with thousands of tones professionally programmed to nail the signature sounds of the greatest guitarists, bands, songs and gear of all time. 

Features also include a large backlit display, dedicated stompbox on/off switches, combination wah/volume/tweak pedal, tap tempo/tuner switch, an expression pedal input, stereo 1/4-inch analog outs to feed an amp or line inputs, headphone out, aux input for your CD/MP3 player or drum machine, MIDI, and USB computer connectivity for digital I/O, plus deep editing using the free, downloadable Line 6 Edit or GuitarPort software. 

POD xt Live of course has a standard analog guitar input - with a selectable pad and adjustable level to handle even super hot active pickup outputs and high output level stompboxes. But there’s also a Variax guitar digital connection. Now a Variax's collection of acoustic and electric guitar models, plus POD xt Live’s assortment of amps, cabs, and effects can ALL be instantly transformed into virtually any guitar-effect-amp rig with just the press of a footswitch. 

POD is the world standard for guitar tone in studios around the world, and with POD xt Live, you can have total control of that history making tone at your feet. 

POD xt Live crams in the same collection of sought-after models of classic stompbox and studio effects that powers the world-standard PODxt. But that’s not all. You also get Line 6's FX Junkie Model Pack pre-installed and ready to go. That's a collection of over 80 effect models, using technology from their flagship Vetta II amplifier and stompboxes, giving you the freedom to go from mellow tube drive to synth filter madness. 

But what fun are a bunch of effects if you can’t wire them up in bizarre and unusual ways? Fortunately, with POD xt Live, you can. Its flexible routing lets you mix and match up to 8 marvelous effects simultaneously. When using an amp model, you can even choose to put some PRE, and some POST. Now you’re on fire! 

POD xt Live has an incredible collection of amp models that have been used on countless hit recordings. Based on the most prized amplifiers in the history of guitar, POD xt Live features 36 amp models that will take you everywhere from classic and boutique, to modern and insane. 

With amp models built from the award-winning technology in the flagship Line 6 Vetta II amplifier, POD xt Live delivers organic, dynamic tones so real, you’ll swear you can smell the tubes burning. 

POD xt Live features 24 models of the most historic speaker cabinets ever built. From modern to vintage, you'll have the ultimate collection. And it doesn’t stop there. POD xt Live has Line 6's A.I.R. II cabinet/microphone modeling, which allows you to choose from 4 different classic mic models and even adjust the position of the mic and how much of the room you hear. 

POD xt Live's ability to mix and match speaker cabinets and mics will help you find exactly the vibe that you're looking for. 

Ins & Outs
POD xt Live has a simple, gig-ready setup that’s adaptable to all your different stage and studio needs. Whether you’re running it as a multi-effect pedal in front of a guitar amp (or into its FX loop), or straight to the house PA, POD xt Live is the best way to take total control of your sound at the gig.
    USB - POD xt Live’s USB jack lets you connect to most computers and record directly to a wide variety of popular recording software packages. Line 6 has even included a USB cable for use with their Windows operating system based GuitarPort software, Line 6 Edit software (for both OS X and Windows operating systems), their CustomTone online tone library, and POD xt Live driver software. All this software — along with directions for using it — is free for you to download at www.line6.com.

    Variax - Connect a Line 6 Variax guitar here and experience a whole new world of possibility and sound-control power. In addition to a direct digital audio connection between the guitar and POD xt Live, you can even have the Variax change guitars, pickups, and tone control settings each time you choose a new channel from your POD xt Live’s footswitches. There's way more Variax info listed below.

    MIDI In & Out - Connect POD xt Live to your MIDI equipment to select Channel Memories (via Program Change messages), or automate POD xt Live settings (via controllers and/or SySex). You can also use MIDI (or USB) to communicate with the free Line 6 Edit software downloadable from www.line6.com.

    Phones - When you want to listen with headphones, plug them in here. POD xt Live automatically switches to Studio Mode whenever headphones are connected. Learn more about studio mode below.

    Output To Amp/Line - The unbalanced 1/4-inch connectors get your POD xt Live’s sound to a guitar amplifier, recorder, mixer or PA system. Flick the rear panel switch to AMP when you’ve got your POD xt Live feeding into the front of a guitar amp, or choose LINE to send you signal to a mixer or PA. The rear panel LEVEL knob sets the — you guessed it! — output level. Changing the OUTPUT level does not change your tone, so you can get the tone you want at any volume level.

    Aux Input - Connect a CD player, MP3 player, drum machine, virtual accordion, or other device here, and you’ll hear it at POD xt Live's headphone and Amp/Line outputs. Very handy for jamming along!

    Input - Your guitar goes here. Set the switch to norm for use with most passive pickup guitars. If you have to put two 9-volt batteries in your guitar to make it shred, point your guitar down and use that shark headstock to flip the switch to pad. (Also handy for those stompboxes that have ridiculously hot output levels.)

    Pedal 2 - You can add even more real-time control by connecting a standard expression pedal, such as the Line 6 EX-1. You’ll be able to control Wah, Volume, and Tweak functions all at the same time.

Studio Direct Mode
In this mode, Line 6’s exclusive A.I.R. II DSP is active, and you are treated to a virtual speaker-cabinet-air-microphone experience that’s so good, you may never use a regular guitar amplifier and microphone setup again. 

When you plug your headphones into POD xt Live, DEST will be automatically set to STUDIO DIRECT, giving you the best tone for private jamming. 

The Variax line of guitars is unique, thanks to Line 6 modeling technology that gives you a whole collection of guitars in one single instrument. If you’re a lucky Variax owner, you’ll want to take advantage of POD xt Live’s rear panel digital VARIAX input jack. 

When you plug your Variax into POD xt Live using the Variax Digital Input Cable, that single cable supplies power to the Variax, digitally sends audio from your Variax to the PODxt, and allows you to automate Variax patch changes with the foot controls of POD xt Live. Once plugged in, tell POD xt Live whether you’d like it to control the Variax. When control is enabled, POD xt Live can change Variax models as you change POD xt Live channels. Now you can seamlessly integrate a Variax's collection of acoustic and electric guitar models with POD xt Live’s amps, cabs, and effects. This entire setup can be instantly transformed into virtually any rig with just the press of a single footswitch. 

But wait, there’s more! Now you really CAN enjoy the best of both worlds, because you can have a standard analog guitar and your digital Variax plugged into POD xt Live at the same time, and both will work. That makes switching between the two as easy as rolling the volume knob off on one, and rolling the volume knob up on the other. And you thought this new technology stuff was going to be tricky to use... 

    Tap (Hold/Tuner) - POD xt Live lets you control the time and speed of your effects by simply tapping on this button. To use the TAP control, just tap the button at the tempo you want and the effects will change to match what you tapped.

    But wait, that’s not all. Hold the footswitch for about 2 seconds and... bling, bling: Instant digital chromatic tuner! Play a note on your guitar and POD xt Live will show you what it is - and whether it's in tune - on that handy display.

    Tuner Bypass/Volume - Normally, the audio will be muted while you’re tuning, but if you prefer to hear yourself tune, you can turn the bypass audio feature off.

    Tuner Reference - Want a different reference than A=440Hz? POD xt Live lets you set the reference frequency anywhere from 430-450 Hz. This setting is also stored so you don’t have to reset it every time you power up.
    PODxt Tuner Features

  • Precision Chromatic Tuning

  • Audio Mute

  • Hands-free Operation

  • Selectable Reference from 430-450HZ
* All product names used in this webpage are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6’s sound model development.

Harga efek gitar Line6 POD XT Live Rp 4.900.000

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